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The Top Hat Project is a photography endeavor that I recently began. The idea for the project came to me while I was reviewing old Black and White photos made by famous photographers of the past, which by the way is a fantastic way to stoke the creative fire. For the project, I've created a simple set consisting of a table, a backdrop and of course, theTop Hat. The minimalist set allows for it to be easily transportable.

The central concept for the Project is simple. Most photographs are taken to record a likeness of the "exterior" of the subject at the moment the image is taken. The idea behind the Top Hat Project is reveal something about the "Inner Person" at the time of the photograph. After speaking with the subject, I try to identify some trait or characteristic that identifies them at this time. Then the work begins, first I have them pull an item from the Top Hat which relates to their trait, then I try to have them express an emotion which relates to the object and their characteristic.

So far we have a young twenty-something who is bartender and of the age where going to parties and being seen is something very important. We also the familiar look of the College Student during final’s week with one too many exams. Next there is young business person who dreams of success. Pablo Piccaso was even so kind to help out with the project. Well then there’s me, the crazy marathoner. There is also a nearly world famous photographer amongst the group. The next two are my favorite to date. The first is my mother-in-law - the Queen of all yard sales and the puzzle master. The next one, I am simply going to refer to as the “Defiant One”. He looks you in the eye, he knows who he is and how things are going to get done.

Enjoy the photos, and if you know anyone who would be interesting addition to the Top Hat Project, please contact me as I would like to make the project grow.
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